Why My DA Decreased? All About Domain Authority 2.0 By Moz

Domain Authority 2.0

Finally, Moz has officially announced Domain Authority 2.0. For the last few weeks, everyone was talking about the update. Now when it has arrived, it made many sad while it also put a broad smile on others’ face. There were a few unaware of the new Moz domain authority who turned to social media to understand why their DA decreased suddenly. Many of them complained that their domain score dropped by 5.

In the most recent announcement, Moz revealed its Domain Authority 2.0. According to the Seattle-headquartered company, the newest update will provide website owners with the most accurate results of search performance.

What is Domain Authority 2.0?

For a long time, Domain Authority or DA has been serving as an effective measure to understand a website’s performance over the Internet. Moz considers a number of things related to a site before giving its DA. It also helps people know how well a website is performing and how stable it is in reality.

According to the company, the update in its domain checker tool will offer more accurate results around a website’s domain score. The new update will:

Offer reliable outcomes related to website domain authority

Easily detect link manipulation

Consider quality and traffic to analyze performance

How Is Domain Authority 2.0 Good?

As per a Moz announcement in February this year, the newest update is providing with more reliable metric. It means that a website’s DA will be decided after taking Google changes into account. In addition, it will help improve correlation and remove spam.

Moz had already warned people to prepare for changes in DA after the update. However, it also said that the update is to make DA a reliable way of analyzing a website’s performance.

What Should You Do?

According to the company, people should not panic if they notice a drop in their Domain Authority. It is necessary to check if the competitors’ DA has also decreased or not. It is essential to follow this step because the change will be in a similar direction, stated Moz.

If you are working on a client’s website whose DA has also dropped after the 2.0 update, then be ready to elaborate on the power of SEO. Tell your client that the Moz’s Domain Authority 2.0 is better than ever and may help make better decisions to work on its performance.

According to Moz and experts, people should trust the new update and must not disappoint if their Domain Authority decreased. It will only be useful for them.

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