Bandai Namco Confirms New Dragon Ball Z Action RPG Development

New Dragon Ball Z Action RPG Development

Good news for Dragon Ball Z fans! Bandai Namco has announced that a brand new Dragon Ball Z action RPG is on its way. The video game company confirmed the development in a tweet. It also disclosed a new DLC character to the upcoming fighter game.

Bandai Namco didn’t reveal the game’s details in the tweet but said that more information will be provided at the DRAGON BALL Fighter Z World Tour Finals later this month. In the same tweet, the company teased the involvement of the new character- the Warrior from Universe 11. More details about the character will be provided during the event.

It is predicted that the new Dragon Ball Z Action RPG is encouraged by the immense success of FighterZ- a 2D fighting game from 2018 that received good reviews from critics as well as gamers.

Assumptions About New Dragon Ball Z Action RPG

It is believed that the upcoming action title by Bandai Namco will join three other Dragon Ball games on PlayStation4 and Xbox One. As Tokyo-headquartered Bandai has already revealed that the Project Z is going to be an action game, critics have been assuming it to be more similar to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z in 2014 than projects in 2015 2016.

Bandai didn’t reveal everything about the project under development, but it has announced many things that are sufficient to create a buzz in the gaming industry. Apart from that, the announcement about the Warrior from Universe 11 is also generating curiosity among Dragon Ball Z fans. Many have been guessing who can be the character, and the most obvious guess is Jiren.

What’s More About Universe 11 Team Warrior

Universe 11 team has multiple characters that can be an interesting addition to new Dragon Ball Z Action RPG. However, critics and fans are confident that the first Universe 11 addition to the 2019 title will be Jiren.

Who is Jiren?


Also known as Jiren The Gray, Jiren is a muscular humanoid with a sleek head and flat round ears. He wears the spandex-like uniform of the Pride Troopers. It includes a suit, white gloves, and white boots.

Jiren is known for his selfless nature and devotion to justice. His major motive in life is protecting Universe 11. In addition, he is very proud of his strength but is also serious about many things.

His strong presence in Universe 11 and impressive personality traits are a big reason fans believe Jiren can be the perfect pick from the Universe 11 team for new Dragon Ball Z action RPG.

One More Bandai Namco Announcement

In a recent announcement, Bandai Namco disclosed that it is planning a western release of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. As per the company’s statement, the game will be available from April 5 this year for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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