Best Weapons: List Of Best Guns In PUBG Mobile

List of Best Guns In PUBG

First things first, you can barely survive the brutal PUBG Mobile battlefield if you don’t know about weapons the game offers you. PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG Mobile, is home to pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and various other best weapons that can help you shoot the hell out of your enemy. Having the best guns in PUBG Mobile by your side, you can have the famous ‘chicken dinner’.

Here are the best guns in PUBG Mobile that rank on top of the list of weapons in the game.

GrozaGroza pubg

An extraordinary assault rifle is one of the best PUBG guns that can quickly shift the game in your favor. Exclusive to airdrops, you can rarely find Groza in crates. If you discover the rifle, then don’t dare not to pick it. The insane rate of firing is one of the major pros and cons of it. The gun supports 7.62 bullets and has high recoil, which can cause trouble when you prefer automatic mode or don’t know how to effectively handle the gun.

One more thing that goes against Groza is its load time. The rifle takes 3 seconds to load. Still, it is the best assault rifle to have when you have numbers of enemies ahead to eliminate.


A headset is the most satisfying thing in PUBG mobile. Isn’t it? But killing someone with a headshot is not a cakewalk, especially when your enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet. Now, there is an exception. AWM is the only gun in PUBG that can eliminate your enemy with a level 3 helmet. This quality of the sniper rifle makes it one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile.

AWM is found to have the most damage out of all rifles in the game. Plus, it works well in the case of long-range domination. The only problem with the rifle is that it is airdrop exclusive, which means you can only find it in the crate. In addition, its bullets are also airdrop exclusive. If you succeed in finding it, you can make your presence noticeable in the game.

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M24M24 pubg

Call it the beast of PUBG weapons. M24 is a deadly sniper rifle to have and feel confident. It is equally powerful to AWM. Just one headshot is enough to eliminate your enemy wearing a level 2 helmet. But M24 is not as rare as AWM. If you a lucky player, then the sniper rifle will be easily available throughout the map. The gun supports 7.62 bullets, which are also easily available. So if you don’t discover Groza or AWM but find M24, then also you are going to quickly knock out your enemies.

M416m416 pubg

In the list of weapons in PUBG, M416 is one of the best weapons. In fact, many players love to use it until the end of a game. It is because the assault rifle is easy to use and versatile. These features make it one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile for beginners. Plus, M416 has very impressive damage and low recoil. The rifle supports 5.56 bullets, which are commonly available across the map.

M416 is not fancy or doesn’t do anything out of the box, but it is a decent weapon to have in the list of best PUBG guns.

AKMAkm pubg

A non-airdrop assault rifle with impressive damage, AKM is one of the best weapons of PUBG Mobile. Using 7.62 bullets, the rifle is easily available throughout the map. What makes it special is its easy control and performance. Within moments, it can throw your enemy out of the game.

Final Shot

These are many guns, rifles, and shotguns in PUBG Mobile that make the best weapons. But the above-mentioned guns grab the top spots in the list of best guns in PUBG Mobile. If you find one or more of them, do pick and use them. All the best!

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