Evolving Agriculture Technology: How Small Robots Help Farmers

Small Robots

Agriculture has been a prominent part of human life since ages. Like other areas, the agriculture sector has also evolved with time. Advanced agriculture technology has replaced traditional methods of farming. Today, small robots are replacing tractors and making farming efficient. Apart from that, there are various kinds of modern-day machines that farmers in developed nations are using to improve their crops and reduce the impacts of external threats on their farmlands.

Drones and autonomous vehicles are among the initial innovative technologies that farmers have been using for a long time. The latest developments in agriculture that are becoming popular include a small robot or a mini robot.

A company based in England has claimed to develop small robots that can help make farming efficient. Small Robot Company from Bristol announced that it has developed agile robots that can replace traditional tractors and yield crop more efficiently. According to the company, these are customizable robots that can improve farming and limit its impacts on the earth.

Co-founder Ben Scott-Robinson of Small Robot Company believes that today’s farming machines need to be changed. It is because they are increasing the farming cost. Farmers are spending a huge amount to maintain these machines. But they are not earning enough to gain profit. The use of robots in agriculture can replace these high-maintenance machines and provide farmers with a cost-effective solution for crop yielding and earning revenue.

Ben Scott-Robinson and Sam Watson-Jones, co-founder of the Small Robot Company and also a farmer, interviewed farmers in different parts of the UK for around six months to understand their farming problems. They also asked the farmers about the agriculture technology they were using and their ideas to improve farming methods. The researchers figured out that most of the farmers were in favor of replacing techniques with new technology like small robots. But they didn’t have a sufficient amount of money to buy a mini robot or know how to make a small robot.

Apart from the problem like lack of money to replace traditional equipment with new tools, many farmers are dealing with an issue of maintaining their tractors without affecting their revenue.

Identifying farmers’ problems and agriculture challenges they were facing, The Small Robot Company worked with University of Bristol students to develop a 3-meter-tall and 250-kilogram base robot. They named it Jack. It’s a customizable robot that can be improved with booms. The robot can help plant seeds. The company is currently working on the robot to make it use electricity to kill weeds.

Small Robots Are The Future Of Farming

Small Robot Company
source: Small Robot Company

Also known as farmbots, these tiny robots are capable of bringing efficiency in the agriculture industry and helping farmers perform farming activities effectively.

It is believed that new-age agriculture technology will change the sector and provide farmers with advanced tools to plough and spray crops. As per Goldman Sachs, the increased use of technology in agriculture is going to make the sector a $240 billion market by 2050. Market tracker Euromonitor believes the combination of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and machine learning is going to be a key in agriculture shift. But 2050 is a long time. Isn’t it?

Driscoll’s, which is among the America’s largest produce distributors, says that farming robotics is on the rise right now. According to the distributor, it is among those producers who have been using robots in farming. Driscoll’s is using many robots right now to harvest fruit. Some of them are big machines while the others are small robots.

Not just crop yielding or fruit harvesting, but robots are gradually becoming a part of the supply chain. Various kinds of machines in different sizes are helping in packaging, processing, and many other tasks.

There are many robotics companies that have been working on tiny agriculture bots to take care of the entire growing process. These small machines will make sure that plants are growing in the right manner and receiving the right sources in the perfect amount to grow.

From a small robot tractor to various other big machines, there are many kinds of robots that some wealthy farmers in the developed in the nation are using right now. But with time, the size of robots will decrease and farmers are going to have access to small robots that can handle their work effectively. AI is expected to combine with modern-day agriculture technology and find useful solutions for farmers in future.

It will be interesting to see when small robots will completely take over current agriculture machines and make farming more efficient for farmers.

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