Google VP Tweets ‘Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XS’, Sparks Controversy

Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XS

Marvin Chow, Google Product Marketing VP, compared Night Sight on Google Pixel 3 with Phone X (actually Apple iPhone XS) in a tweet on Sunday. Chow believes the phone takes better photos in low-light conditions than any other phone in the market (especially iPhone XS). In the same tweet, he posted a photo comparing two photos in the same scene.

According to Google VP, the comparison speaks for itself. The tweet has not just sparked controversy in the mobile world, but also led to a question: Is Google Pixel 3 better than Apple iPhone XS?

If the photo tweeted by Chow is believed, then the Google smartphone seems to be better than the iPhone. But replies under the Chow’s comments have a different story to tell. Many Twitter users have complained that pictures clicked by Pixel 3 also overexposes. Some even claimed that Night Sight completely ruined pictures’ background.

What is Night Sight?

Google released Night Sight in November last year, around a month after Pixel 3. It lets users capture up to 15 shots, which further can be merged into one picture. Night Shot provides with a special camera that brings advanced technology and HDR+ mode together to enhance brightness and color in a photo.

Google Pixel 3 Vs iPhone XS: Is Night Sight better?

The controversy has led to confusion in the smartphone world. People have started comparing two amazing smartphones to identify which is actually better than the other. Is Google Pixel 3 Night Sight actually winning the battle to become the best smartphone to take a picture?

In reality, both phones are different from each other in many ways. When it comes to the camera comparison, Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XS are great photographers in their own way. Night Sight captures brighter pictures than its competitor, but it also overexposes a photo. Plus, it also leads to oversaturation. These are some claims made by Twitter users under the Chow’s tweet.

However, Google Pixel 3 takes great pictures that users can directly share online. On the other side, photos taken with iPhone XS require some editing before going public over the Internet.

More on Google Pixel 3

As per some sources from the smartphone industry, prices of Google Pixel 3 are going to rise soon. But there is exciting news too! Google is creating a midrange Pixel Phone. It will be named Pixel 3 Lite. The sources revealed that the new Google phone will be a lower-priced Pixel phone with few specifications than other Pixel phones.

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