Happy Birthday World Wide Web: What 30th Anniversary Brings With It

World Wide Web

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee first came up with a concept of the World Wide Web on March 12, 1989, he wouldn’t have imagined that around half of the world will be online one day. Today, it has become a world itself for all of us. From doctors, engineers, politicians, celebrities, and authors to a student, everyone is well aware of the World Wide Web today.

Many have got an easy way to connect with people sitting in other regions of the world while others see it as an opportunity to grow their business. The World Wide Web has today made a special place’s in almost everyone’s life. This is the reason March 12 has become a special day for many of us.

Google Doodle Celebrates the 30th Birthday of World Wide Web

Google has made the day more special, thanks to a cute Google Doodle showcasing a dial-up modem and a monitor displaying the earth. Celebrating the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web, Google Doodle has chosen a charming optimistic vision. The slowly-changing video of the earth is a realization that the world has changed in the last three decades since Sir Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the concept.

Twitter’s Hilarious Tweets Make The 30th Anniversary Special

People on Twitter celebrated the special day in their own way. Some users thanked the World Wide Web for existing while others tried to prove how it changed their life completely. There were users too who enlightened people about the World Wide Web being different from the Internet.

Is the Internet really different? If yes, then how?

The Web and the Internet aren’t the same. Although many think these two are the names of one service, they aren’t in reality. According to experts, the Internet is a global network. On the other side, the World Wide Web- also known as www- is a collection of information that one can access via the Internet.

The Inventor Isn’t Happy With Modern-Day Internet. Why?

30 years ago, Berners-Lee had submitted a proposal on a system for managing information to his boss. He was in his early 30s. At that time, he didn’t know that his work will revolutionize the world one day. Remembering those days at the work, he said in a recent conference that it was the complex work system which encouraged him to think of the system. He noticed that different computers had different information. To collect it, users had to use all of them.

The proposal was ‘Information Management: A Proposal’. It was later called the World Wide Web. Today, the world has more than 2 billion websites. However, the inventor is not happy.

According to the 63-year-old Englishman, the web isn’t serving people well. It is not the web that people need, he added. Hate speech, online harassment, hacking, and misinformation are some of the things that make the inventor feel sad.

What’s Next For The World Wide Web?

Berners-Lee said the web is a powerful tool to serve people well. It has the ability to make life easy and comfortable. For that, it is necessary to make the right use of technology. There should be laws and researches to make the World Wide Web useful for the world, he added.

How did you celebrate the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web? Share it with us.

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