Happy Mother’s Day Card: Best Greeting Card Software Of 2019

Happy Mother’s Day Card

A mother is the strongest supporter one can have in their life. She loves you and never asks for anything in return. As Mother’s Day is coming closer, it becomes your responsibility to make her feel special. The best thing you can gift her is love and affection. There are plenty of items that may be a wonderful gift. If you want an affordable gift that you can give to your mother is a happy Mother’s Day card. Instead of buying a card, make one for her using the best greeting card software of 2019.

The Internet world is full of websites and software that serve as an easy-to-use online card maker. We have checked them all and figured out the best of them.


Showcase your love and affection for your mother with a unique yet beautiful Mother’s Day greeting card. Canva is an easy-to-use online tool with lots of useful features. The online card maker has thousands of built-in templates that you can use to quickly design a beautiful card for your mom. You can also add your mother’s picture on the card and write a beautiful message for her. There are numbers of fonts to choose from. You can customize a template and make it an amazing card. After that, you can print or share the card.

One of the most amazing things about Canva is that you can do all these things free. All you need to do is just create an account here.

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Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

If you do not have time to customize a template or write a beautiful message, then Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe is the best greeting card software of 2019 that you need to have right now. It consists of thousands of templates to choose from. In addition, the software comes with many pre-written phrases for special occasions like Mother’s Day. Apart from that, it has many interesting features to test your creativity and create a beautiful card for your mom.

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe also features some valuable tips to write a sensitive card. Plus, there is a photo editing feature. The only thing that goes against the software is its cost. Yes, it comes with a price tag. For the standard edition of the software, you need to pay around $20.

Blue Mountain

The online card maker is around us for a long time now. Blue Mountain has lots of pre-built e-cards for numbers of occasions throughout the year, including Mother’s Day. The platform comes with a free no-obligation trial. In addition, you can also choose a low-cost membership to enjoy the card maker’s features for a long time.

Blue Mountain consists of numbers of cards that you can print easily. A major thing that you need to remember while using the online tool’s free trial is that you have to unsubscribe it before the trial period ends because it automatically deducts money if not unsubscribed.

Print Artist Gold

What makes Print Artist Gold the best greeting card software of 2019? The software gives you the freedom to share your design on social websites like Facebook and YouTube. What’s more? It allows you to add your voice to your greeting card. For example- If you have a special message for your mom, then Print Artist Gold allows you to record your audio and add it to the card. In addition, you can also add music to the card.

The only thing that goes against Print Artist Gold is that you don’t get in-built messages to add to the card. You have to come up with them.


These are the best greeting card software that allow you to make a Happy Mother’s Day card online and give it to your mom.

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