How New Social Media Marketing Trends Can Help Businesses Grow In 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

Today, social media is more than a tool to connect with friends. It helps businesses grow, especially small ones. Companies can use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to reach the target audience and convert users into loyal customers. But to make the most out of social media platforms, an organization needs to follow the latest social media marketing trends.

In 2018, numbers of social media trends were released to promote businesses over the Internet. Many of them helped small organizations compete with bigger market players and beat them.

Like the technology trends, social media marketing trends keep on changing with the time. Many of the ideas from 2018 will remain useful in 2019. Apart from that, several new key trends will come into play and help businesses change the game.

Here are some new social media marketing trends from 2019 which small companies can follow to influence users and stay ahead in the competition:


Stories are becoming common on social media platforms. After Snapchat, sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others embraced the popular ‘story’ feature to impress their existing users and grab the attention of new ones. Although storytelling isn’t new, the feature is not going to vanish anytime soon.

Earlier, people were sharing photos to tell a story. But in the last few months, video content has become popular. In 2019, it is expected to grow more. Small businesses can use the social media trend to influence the target audience by telling an interesting story around a product. To grab the attention of potential clients, companies need to be creative while creating content for storytelling.

• Social Listening

It is the process of identifying potential customers on social media by exploring sites in search of mentions related to a brand or a field. For example- If an organization deals in web development services, then it can search the Internet to find mentions linked to website development.

In 2019, social listening will be a key social media marketing trend that can help small businesses find new customers or approach ones that can turn into loyal clients. It is because not many organizations are using the marketing method right now. A company can also use the approach to understand customer requirements or services they expect from brands.

• Live Streaming

Live streaming on social media channels has taken digital marketing to a whole new level. Shooting a brand video and uploading it on a platform is a time-consuming process. Instead of this, businesses today can live stream a product or process related to it.

In addition, small companies can record and live stream interesting activities around its services to attract social media users. Live streaming is also a cost-effective way of one-time promotion of a company event. The trend is in great demand in 2019 and many companies are going to follow it in the near future to attract potential customers.

• Influencer Marketing

Have you heard of Richard Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja? He is a Fortnite streamer and a famous YouTuber. An earlier report suggests that the gamer made $10 million in 2018. Around 70% of his revenue came from his Twitch and YouTube channels. There are many YouTubers who are earning well after starting a YouTube channel.

Small business can also use the platform to influence people who could be their loyal customers. Companies can create interesting videos of their products and services, and post them on YouTube.

• Messengers And Chatbots

In all kinds of marketing strategies, businesses are told to stay connected with their existing customers and find new ways to develop a communication channel to get new clients. In 2019, the latest social media marketing trends give a special place to message apps and chats.

Using messengers, a business can stay in touch with clients 24/7. Apart from that, chatbots can help companies handle numbers of potential customers at one time in an effective way. In 2019, small companies can use cost-effective messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others to connect with clients and understand what they expect from a brand.

Final Words

Overall, 2019 is going to be a crucial year for small businesses that combine the technology trends with the latest social media marketing methods to get favorable results. All they need to do is use the right platforms to reach the target audience. In addition, the companies must ensure that whatever they are posting on social media platforms is interesting and capable of getting the attention of users.

Remember, a strong presence over social media can turn the table in your favor.

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