Innovation In Automobile Technology: Future Smart Car Technologies

Smart Car Technologies

In today’s fast and furious world, a car is not just a transportation source. The modern-day smart car technologies make a journey comfortable and luxurious for passengers in many ways. However, this is not the best of innovation in the automobile industry. It is expected and believed that upcoming car technology is going to be bigger than ever. What does the future of automobile industry hold? What exactly can you expect in terms of innovations in cars?

Based on the current smart car technology and trends in the automobile industry, experts have predicted some technology trends that speed lovers can expect in near future.

smart car features

Talking Cars

Today, we have smart speakers- also called voice assistants or virtual assistants- that perform many tasks after getting voice inputs from an individual. In addition, we have various other kinds of smart devices that communicate with us in their own way. But in future, there will be cars that can communicate with other cars. Didn’t it remind you of the 2006 film ‘Cars’? Future cars will not just communicate with nearby vehicles but also with the traffic light ahead. The technology will help control the traffic on roads and increase safety.

Gesture Control

Do you remember when Audi unveiled a new system in 2012 that allowed a different yet interesting way to control the functions of a car? It is known as MMI Touch. What makes the function a useful technology is its ability that allows a driver to use gesture to give input to the car’s system. With the help of MMI Touch, the driver can write anything in a designated touchpad and control various kinds of functions, including navigation, dialing phone, and playing music.

Augmented Reality Display On Windscreen

Displaying information on a car’s windscreen may seem an act from a Sci-fi movie or a video game, but it is soon going to be part of the world’s automobile industry. The feature allows a driver to see various functions of a car on the windscreen. They could be details like speed, navigation detail, and calls. Also called Augmented Reality dashboards or AR dashboards, these will also provide information about several things related to a car and a nearby vehicle.

Self-Driving Cars

People have been talking about self-driving cars for a long time. There are many renowned names- like Google and Uber- of the tech and the automobile industry that have been trying the future’s self-driving cars to make transportation easier and safer on the road. It has been predicted that these vehicles are soon going to be a part of daily life. In addition, they will also serve as a stress-free solution to traffic and various other problems related to road safety.

Energy-efficient Cars

The automobile industry has already moved to the most advanced smart car technology. Today, we have cars that use electricity as a source to run. Smart cars in the near future will be more efficient than they are right now. An example in this case is energy-storing body panels. These will be panels capable of storing energy. In addition, they will take less time to get charged and used again. Some of them even will be able to use sun rays to get charged. There are many renowned automobile players that have been planning to harness solar power for future cars.

At The End

It’s hard to predict the future of smart car technologies. However, innovation in automobile technology is giving a glimpse of a bright and interesting future. Did we miss something about smart car features? Please let us know.

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