RIP Google Inbox Gmail App! When And Why It’s Shutting Down

Google Inbox Gmail App

Google Inbox Gmail app joins Google+ to bid adieu on April 2. In its latest move, the tech giant has given a signal that it is shutting down Inbox in the next two weeks. Many users have already received the notification from Google about the last day of Inbox by Gmail app. According to these users, they received a notification saying that it will be shut down at the beginning of April.

The notification says that the app is going away in the next 15 days, and the users will be able to find the feature in the Gmail app where their messages are waiting for them. What does it mean?

Earlier, there were reports that Google has been thinking of removing Google Inbox Gmail app in spring of 2019 but users recently started receiving the notification about the April shutdown. If the notification is read carefully, then it can be found that the pop-up is asking users to move to the regular Gmail app. Here, they will be able to read their Gmail messages in the inbox area.

Sources close to the news say that the company is also planning to port some useful features of the Inbox app.

What’s Inbox?

Introduced in 2014, Google presented the Inbox feature as an invitation-only service. Soon, users found it an interactive and interesting way to get access to emails. It was equipped with numbers of smart and easy-to-use features that grabbed the attention of many individuals worldwide. It also had a popular all-white appearance, which is common in today’s Gmail.

Inbox Joined Google+

Google Inbox Gmail app is not the only platform that the tech giant is closing in April this year. Earlier, the company disclosed its April 2 plan to permanently remove its Google+ social media platform. The decision was taken after multiple security breaches that provide developers with access to more than 500,000 users of the platform. Although there weren’t evidence to prove the compromised data after the bug discovered in March 2018, Google was accused of not sharing the information earlier.

Apart from the bug, the failed performance of Google+ was also a major reason behind the shutdown. As per the company’s reports, more than 90% of the users were spending less than five seconds on the platform. After Google’s announcement regarding the closing of Google+, many taunt the company saying that Google+ will not be missed.

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Google Allo Already Said ‘Good-bye’

In December last year, Google officially announced to shut down its chat app Allo. It was a failed experiment by the company to attract users in the technology-friendly world. It closed the app in March 2019. The move to remove Allo wasn’t surprising for anyone for many reasons. Google had already paused investment in April last year after seeing the lower-than-expectation response.

One more reason Allo’s shutdown wasn’t surprising is that Verizon had already announced to launch RCS Chat for Google Pixel 3 and Pixel XL. Different from Allo, RCS Chat is carrier-based in its implementation. Some tech experts also believe that the newest message will be capable of giving a tough competition to iMessage.

Google Inbox Gmail app is the most recent in the list that the company is shutting down. Now, users have two weeks till April 2 to move to the normal Gmail app. Google has not officially commented on the Inbox shutdown.

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