Rise Of Cannabis Apps: How Marijuana Tech Is Reshaping Weed Industry

In the last few months, new-world cannabis app development solutions have revolutionized the weed industry. It all started with nine states legalizing recreational marijuana. Plus, more than one dozen states decriminalized weed while 29 states already allowed their residents to purchase medical marijuana if they qualify.

The relaxation has led to a growing demand for marijuana which further created new opportunities for weed growers, sellers, and the consumer electronics industry. It is not wrong to say that marijuana tech has become a big business today.

If the weed industry’s tech trends of last few years are considered, then it can be easily observed that investors have immensely invested in weed start-ups and on-demand marijuana app development. This has resulted in new technologies to help cannabis businesses grow and serve customers well.

Weed Industry Insights

In 2016, the world’s marijuana market was valued at around $9.3 billion. A report released a few weeks ago by Global Market Insights, Inc. predicted the medical marijuana market to become a $55 billion industry in the next five years.

The rising trends are results of skyrocketing demand for medical marijuana in the global market. The world right now has more than 1500 million individuals who require weed as a medical solution to treat their health issues. As purchasing cannabis isn’t easy for all, people are searching for online methods to get access to medical marijuana.

Weed industry of the US is witnessing an explosive growth, thanks to more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. As per reports, Colorado’s experiment legalizing recreational marijuana and sales crossed the $700 million sale mark in just over 12 months. This helped the state earn more than $44 million in taxes on recreational marijuana.

Growing Demand Of Marijuana Technology: Cannabis App Development

Weed growers, investors, and IT companies are seeing a hidden profit in the states legalizing marijuana and people looking for an easy way to get cannabis products. Although there are many options to earn- from producing cannabis, marketing, and making accessories to becoming cannabis guide tours- they all are coming together for one solution: Cannabis App Development. What is it?

It is an on-demand weed ordering & delivery app solution that allows people, who require marijuana, to get it legally online from a dispensary that sells marijuana online. People can use the app to order weed from the comfort of their homes and get it on their doorstep.

On the other side, a business gets loyal customers who will come to the online store every time they require marijuana.

This also creates an opportunity for IT companies that develop easy-to-use and secure on-demand cannabis delivery solutions to meet the requirements of the weed industry.

What Does Cannabis Delivery App Include?

Unlike traditional web solutions and applications, the modern-day cannabis delivery apps are convenient, easy-to-use, and with the better shopping experience. When an investor hires an app development company to build a marijuana delivery app, he gets a complete technology suite. This includes four applications for different purposes.

1. Customer App: It’s an interface that customers use to shop online. Using the cannabis app, they can register their accounts, browse products, search for weed products, pay for products online, order marijuana online, and track their order.

2. Store Manager App: This is an interface for a store to manage orders and products it has. Apart from that, the store can make use of the app to change location and manage inventory.

3. Delivery Man App: Using the interface, a delivery man can live track the path where he has to deliver marijuana. In addition, the driver can update the delivery status or manage his profile.

4. Admin Panel: This is the main panel for the app owner who can use the system to manage stores, control orders, keep an eye on delivery men, and offer discounts to customers.

How Will Marijuana Tech influence Cannabis Industry’s Future?

States legalizing marijuana or giving relaxation on the sale of weed are hinting producers and investors to try different methods to fulfill the growing demand for medical marijuana. Cannabis app development and an extensive range of tech solutions are the safest way to get more clients. Since patients and others want marijuana as soon as possible, cannabis apps are going to bring good days for the weed industry in the near future.

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