Software Trends 2019: New, Latest Software Technologies To Watch Out For

Latest Software Technologies

Software technologies keep on changing with the time. The latest software technology of 2018 or a year before is pretty common and less useful than software trends of 2019. So, it is necessary for a business to keep a close eye on emerging technology trends and make the most out of them.

Software experts have found the list of latest technologies in computer science that grabbed headlines in 2018 and are expected to dominate 2019.

• Artificial TechnologyArtificial Technology

Popularly known as AI, it is a subject of debate for a long time now. Including renowned personalities like Elon Musk, there are many around the world who are worried because of the increasing involvement of Artificial Intelligence in human life. But whatever you have witnessed about AI until now is just the beginning. In 2019, businesses worldwide will use AI to transform digitally.

By the end of 2018, the AI industry’s revenue was predicted to reach $1.2 trillion. Experts also believe that the sector will be worth $3.9 trillion by 2022. It is also said that more than 40% of organizations will somehow use AI by 2019.

• PWAsProgressive web apps

Progressive web apps, or PWAs, are websites that work similar to native mobile applications. One of the major advantages of the latest software technology is that users can have an app-like experience even when they are on a webpage.

PWAs became a software development trend in 2017 whose popularity is predicted to grow more in 2019. These web apps provide users with an app-like experience and make it a lot easier for companies to manage them.

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• Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is at the top of the latest software technologies list, thanks to Bitcoin. But the technology trend is more than just the cryptocurrency. It provides a secure peer-to-peer network to PCs connected with other each. These computers can use the technology to store data, which someone outside the network cannot hack.

Using Blockchain Technology, companies can make transactions without the fear of currency being stolen. These are some applications of the technology trend that make it a hot topic in 2019.

• CybersecurityCybersecurity

Various kinds of digital technologies are helping modern-day businesses to quickly and effectively meet their objectives. But there is an extensive range of external threats that can affect the effectiveness of these digital tools. This is where cybersecurity comes into play.

It is a kind of b2b software that protects an organization’s Internet-connected systems from external threats. The technology’s major objective is to keep a company’s digital system secure from sources outside the organization. As data protection is a growing concern in the modern-day business, many organizations are going to make use of advanced cybersecurity technologies to protect its hardware and software from external threats.

• Low-code DevelopmentLow-code Development

There was a time when developers wrote lengthy code to make a small software program. But the time has changed now. Today, businesses use advanced technologies and new software tools to quickly develop applications.

Experts believe that low-code development will be a software trend in 2019 to replace conventional approaches of writing codes for applications.

Final Words

There are more new software technologies to learn today than in the past. Apart from these software trends of 2019, the latest software technologies list also includes trends like event-driven applications, mixed reality, digital twins driven by IoT, automation, 5G wireless, 3D printing, and many others. Did we miss anything? If yes, then please let us know.

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