The Battle Of Smart Assistants: Google Vs Alexa Vs Siri

Smart Assistants

Smart Assistants

Talking to artificial people is no more a surprise. When Apple introduced Siri in 2011 as the first modern digital assistant on iPhone 4S, nobody imagined a battle of voice assistants a few years later to get a noticeable space in people’s smart homes.

Soon after Apple, tech giant Google and e-commerce company Amazon developed their own virtual assistants and gave tech enthusiasts two more options while looking for smart voice assistants. Amazon’s Alexa was released in 2014 and Google launched its artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant- Google Assistant- in 2016.

The voice assistant revolution encouraged many other small companies and big brands to come up with their voice techs, but the battle was majorly between the big three players. We have reached the end of 2018, and we don’t have a clear winner. Do we have one?

As they offer several of the same features, it becomes difficult to decide who is better than whom. In addition, they belong to big brands that keep on improving the smart assistants to make them more useful for the users. Still, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

We have compared the virtual assistants on three categories to determine their usefulness to a user.

1. General Knowledge
2. Following Instructions
3. Playing Music

1. Google Vs Alexa Vs Siri: General Knowledge

When it comes to a virtual smart assistant, it is obvious to think of an intelligent digital assistant with impressive general knowledge. Each of the three is good at answering questions, but Alexa has been found to be far more intelligent than its competitors. On the other hand, Siri performed worse than expectations.

During a test, Alexa was impressing by answering some really tough questions like ‘what many scholars think Shakespeare’s first play’. Unlike Alexa, Siri was constantly apologizing for not knowing answers to most of the questions.

Google Assistant tried giving a tough fight to Alexa, but the Amazon assistant managed to win the general knowledge round.

2. Google Vs Alexa Vs Siri: Following Instructions

It is really frustrating when a smart assistant is not following its master’s instructions. Whether it’s about ordering foods, making reservations, getting directions, or anything in between, we want our smart voice assistant to provide us with the most accurate results.

It seems that all three tech players understand the importance of orders. They were surprisingly good in all the departments of following instruction. However, Apple’s Siri goes an extra mile to get more points.

For example- If you are asking the assistants about a good restaurant nearby, then only Siri helps you make a reservation through a call. Smart Siri!

3. Google Vs Alexa Vs Siri: Playing Music

Music plays an important role in almost everyone’s life, and we want our digital voice assistants to understand and remember this.

In this case, Google and Alexa did a better job than Siri. To enjoy your favorite music tunes, you may have to get a $9.99-a-month Apple Music subscription. On the other hand, Alexa and Google handle music requests nicely.

Verdict: Which Is The Best?

As discussed earlier, each of the assistants has its own share of pros and cons. Apple’s Siri was good at following instructions, while both Alexa and Google Assistant are impressive in the first and the third category.

The three voice assistants have their own customer base that includes a mix of happy and unsatisfied customers. It may be little early to decide which is the best, but we may soon have an answer. Till then, keep a close eye on the battle of digital voice assistants.

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