Top Smart City Trends: List Of Smart Cities In The World 2019

list of smart cities in the world 2019

With new technology trends, cities worldwide are becoming smarter. These places are equipped with all those facilities that citizens need to live a better life. Experts from different parts of the world have come together to compile a list of smart cities in the world 2019. But what is a smart city? What makes it better than other places?

What is a smart city?

It is a smart and sustainable city that provides citizens with better facilities and resources to live a comfortable life than other places of the globe. There are many things that experts consider while preparing a list of the smartest cities across the globe. They include economy, human capital, environment, governance, social cohesion, technology, international outreach, and many others. While the world has countless cities with advanced technology, not all of them pay attention to other important areas of development.

In addition to offering all kinds of facilities, a smart city addresses citizens’ problems in the best way and resolves them as soon as possible. Here is the smart city list of 2019 that includes the top 5 smartest cities that make a dream place to live a comfortable life.

5. ReykjavikReykjavík

Capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is the largest city in the Nordic island nation. Popular for its hot springs, volcanoes, clean environment, and scenic beauty, Reykjavik believes in living a life in a sustainable way. From using the information to communication and utilizing the latest technology, the smart city has everything in a way that does not harm the environment. The city even has plans to make the future more sustainable. As per reports, Reykjavik is soon going to have more efficient transport, better energy sources, and improved operations to improve services and quality of life for its residents.

4. TokyoTokyo Smart City

Japanese capital and the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, Tokyo is famous across the world for various reasons, and being the most innovative city. With each passing day, it has been introducing new technology trends and new cutting-edge innovations to improve the life of its citizens and people from various other regions of the world. Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things are some of the sectors where Tokyo is leading the world. Apart from inventing new technologies, Tokyo is working on environmental policies to help Japan drive sustainable growth.

3. ParisParis Smart City

The City of Eiffel Tower and the most populous city in France, Paris is the perfect romantic destination for lovers. But the capital of France has more than just manmade marvels to watch. In 2019, it grabs the third spot in the list of smart cities in the world. The city is a highway, rail, and air-transport hub to make transportation easy for citizens and tourists in the city. In addition, Paris welcomes innovative approaches with open arms. From energy, vegetation, technology, support to citizens to intelligent urban sources, the city has all those facilities that people in the city may require to live a comfortable life.

2. LondonLondon Smart City

The capital of England and the largest city in the country is also a smart city. A famous quote by Samuel Johnson describes London city in the best way. According to it, when a man is tired of London, he is actually tired of life. The city has a long history of innovations and wonderful creations. World-class healthcare, transport, pollution management, cutting-edge technology, and various other facilities come together to make London one of the smartest cities in the world 2019.

1. New YorkNew York Smart City

In the list of smart cities in the world 2019, New York appears as the smartest city. It has checked all the boxes that make a place smart. From the economy, attraction, environment, governance, urban planning to transportation and technology, the city has impressed the experts. People are happy in New York and getting access to all those things that they may require to live a comfortable life. The city keeps on working to improve itself a make citizen’s life better than ever.

It is the list of smart cities in the world. Which fascinates you the most?

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