What Are The Technology Trends Gartner Predicts For 2019?

In the ever-changing world, technology is transforming more rapidly than other sectors. Each year, current top tech trends are replaced with new ones, and 2019 is no different. Experts like ones from Gartner- the research and advisory company- predict that 2019 is going to be an exciting year for the tech world. Several new strategic technology trends are expected to be introduced this year.

From manufacturing to health care, these best tech trends will help simplify many things. Many of the technology trends that were big things in 2018 are going to rule the tech world in 2019 too.

Gartner and many other industry experts have figured out top 10 strategic tech trends that in future can revolutionize many sectors associated with the modern-day technology. Here are they:

1. Autonomous Things

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has been a matter of debate for a long time now. The world is filled with people in support and against AI. However, the field of study has always empowered autonomous things like robots and autonomous vehicles. In 2019, these smart machines will reach a whole new level of interaction with humans. Experts predict that autonomous things will get closer to humanity this year.

2. Augmented Analytics

Businesses are going to get a powerful tool in 2019 in the form of augmented analytics- the concept that uses machine learning to change the way analytics content is created and distributed. Using the advanced concept of technology, businesses can make quick decisions without fully relying on data scientists.

3. AI-Driven Development

AI plays a notable role in the development phase of modern business. There are many AI-equipped technologies and tools that organizations use to meet the growing requirements of the market. Experts predict that AI-driven development is going to be a major player in the app development projects in the next few years. In fact, AI co-developers will be team members of an organization.

4. Digital Twins

The rising Internet of Things (IoT) trends is no more a secret. In the last few years, they have taken the tech world by storm. In future, digital twins of the organization (DTOs) will grab more attention than it was getting recently. The implementation of DTOs as dynamic software will help businesses handle work models, use available resources, and serve customers more efficiently.

5. Empowered Edge

One of the technology trends predicted to rule 2019 tech world is edge computing. It will allow users to process information, collect content material, and deliver valuable content. Experts believe that things like 5G, AI chips, and various others will improve the abilities of edge computing.

6. Immersive Experience

How people interact with digital mediums has changed a lot in the past few years, and the line between physical and modern-day digital world is going to be thinner in 2019. Apart from interaction on Internet platforms, humanity will experience a shift in the way people interact with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

7. Blockchain

The business world of 2019 will have more transparency and a more powerful ecosystem than it had recently. Blockchain will serve organizations with decentralized trust, reduced friction, and more transparency. Many businesses worldwide have already started to evaluate the potential of blockchain to improve their current programs.

8. Smart Spaces

Although smart spaces will be a big strategic technology trend in 2019, there are many who do not know anything about the smart space. According to experts, it is a kind of environment- physical or digital- that allows humans and digital systems interact with each other in an intelligent ecosystem. This gives a space to connect which is open and intelligent at the same time.

9. Digital Ethics And Privacy

In the modern technology-friendly world where almost everyone is enjoying the applications of digitalization, ethics and privacy is a matter of concern. From the government and private organizations to individuals, digital ethics and privacy is a subject of concern for many today. In the coming years, especially in 2019, there will be more focus on eliminating risks associated with it.

10. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a part of the 21st-century technology world for a long time. For many, it’s a science fiction subject that is not going to happen anytime soon. But the technology is growing more quickly than expected. Using a cloud environment, developers are creating quantum computing applications. According to the experts, the use of quantum computing is going to be normal in future.


The experts believe 2019 is a crucial year for the tech world. In addition to these top 10 strategic technology trends, many new technologies will become a part of human life. Using the technology trends, organizations and individuals will complete several business processes easily and experience new levels of success.

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