What Is 10x Hybrid Zoom? Why Are Smartphone Companies After The Technology?

10x Hybrid Zoom

If you are a selfie lover, then we have good news for you. Smartphone maker Oppo has introduced its 10x Hybrid Zoom technology to make mobile photography more fun than ever. With this innovation, the Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company is soon going to become first in the world to bring a mobile phone that features cameras with 10x Hybrid Zoom technology.

The latest announcement by Oppo wasn’t surprising as the company revealed the last month that it is soon going to release a phone that gives users with professional photography experience. That time, it made people aware of its plan to bring 10x Lossless Zoom to smartphones. The company also shared some photos on its official Twitter account to showcase the power of its latest technology.

10x Hybrid Zoom Explained

10x Hybrid Zoom Explained

As the name suggests, it is an advanced technology that lets users take stunning pictures using their phones. The technology in the new Oppo smartphone consists of three powerful cameras: 48MP high-resolution primary sensor, 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, and 12MP telephoto lens featuring a focal length of 160mm. All the cameras work in a way that a user could click high-quality photos.

The triple-lens camera makes the phone with a professional camera. To make it a reality, Oppo has made use of a perished design and combined it with a D-lens to create a compact yet powerful camera. The high-quality camera and optical prism telescope lens utilize a technology called optical image stabilizing, also known as OIS, with 0.001445-degree Stabilization Precision to allow users to capture supreme-quality images.

The 10x Hybrid Zoom technology isn’t the only innovative invention by Oppo. The company was also the first to introduce the world to a 13-megapixel camera smartphone. Apart from that, Oppo was the first company that invented a phone with a rotating camera and a smartphone featuring stealth 3D cameras.

Huawei Joined Oppo In 10x Hybrid Zoom Race

Oppo may be the first smartphone maker in the world to invent 10x Hybrid Zoom technology in a smartphone, but it is not the only one. As per the latest reports, Huawei has officially announced its phones with a 10x lossless hybrid zoom lens. Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro are the handsets that will feature the latest technology. Apart from that, the phones will have 6 or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of base storage, which further can be expanded. The handsets are said to be released in the first half of April this year.

Oppo And Camera: A Beautiful Love Story

This is not the first time when Oppo has delighted smartphone lovers with a high-quality camera. For the last around one decade, the company has been focusing on developing smartphones with supreme quality cameras. It was Oppo that introduced the world to the era of selfie beautification. Apart from that, Oppo was the first company to launch 5MP and 16MP front cameras.

Right now, Oppo is selling its phones in more than three dozen countries. With this, it has 6 research centers.

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