Zero-day Vulnerability For Google Chrome: Why Update Your Browser Immediately

Zero-day Vulnerability For Google Chrome

In the recent official statement, Google has accepted a serious security issue with its Chrome web browser. Warning users about zero-day vulnerability, the tech giant has asked its Internet clients to immediately update Google Chrome right now to eliminate the dangers associated with the severe threat. Google had released an update for Chrome last week. Now, the company’s security lead Justin Schuh is saying that the update has removed the zero-day for the browser.

What is the zero-day vulnerability?

In the tech world, it is a serious bug or an issue with the code of the software. Although it could be a minor glitch, the threat can do several bad things to a device. It is why the tech giant is asking users to update their Google Chrome right now. In simple words, it is a serious tech problem with the zero-day deadline to eliminate it.

According to sources, Zero-day vulnerability for Google Chrome- called CVE-2019-5786- is very serious because some mischievous guys are already on a mission to exploit it. This is why users need to update their Internet browser, if it is Google Chrome, immediately.

What Is Zero-day problem with Chrome?

Alerting people against the CVE-2019-5786 issue, Google didn’t reveal everything about it. Tech experts worldwide have their versions of the problem. Some of them believe the zero-day problem is associated with FileReader, which is an API in Internet Browsers using which applications on the web can get access to files on a user’s device. On the other side, a bunch of techies believes there are some files with malicious behavior.

What should users do now?

According to Google and many tech gurus worldwide, the easiest to get rid of the zero-day problem is to follow the tech giant’s suggestion: Update your Chrome browser immediately. How do you do that?

Go to the right top corner of your Chrome Brower and click the drop-down menu.

Move your cursor to the ‘Help’ section in the menu and select ‘About Google Chrome’.

The page will tell your browser’s version. It should be 72.0.3626.121. In the case it is not, update your browser right now because it’s the zero-day vulnerability.

Google has called the issue a highly serious threat. According to the tech giant, users need to update their browser to the latest version right away. If you haven’t the updated Google Chrome version, then get it right this minute. Run!

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